I have had an interest in photography since being a small child. Going around the neighborhood with my little Hanimex instamatic camera taking photos of the way light made ordinary objects interesting to look at.

After high school, I attended Perth Technical College, completing a 2yr Art Basics course where I constantly kept referring to the photographs I had taken to inspire my drawing, painting and ceramics classes.
I soon realized that my passion and skill, for that matter, lay in the photographs I was taking. My drawing and painting skills left a lot to be desired!

As an adult, I decided I could take my passion and make it work for me.

Having completed a range of various art photography courses, I took myself seriously and completed a 4yr Associate Diploma in Fine Art Photography at Ultimo TAFE, Sydney Australia.

During this time, I was employed at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in the Photography Dept. Whilst there, I was continuously asked by students about how to document their artworks. I would outline the procedure to achieve the best results, but all too often they would return, asking me if I could do it for them. So, I guess, I kind of fell into this specialty and it has evolved from there. I find the work immensely enjoyable and get to see all types of artwork!

Combining my technical capabilities to correctly capture the artwork and my compositional eye to make it engaging but at the same time removing myself from what is, fundamentally another’s artwork.

I have now been acknowledged as a fine art documentation photographer for the past two decades. With a range of clients, I continue to document 2D, 3D and installation artwork, primarily in Sydney, Australia.